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Search For the Yeti Scuppered by Taliban

Posted by Cryptoflorida on August 21, 2015 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)



ROME: An expedition led by one of the world's most acclaimed mountaineers to find out once and for all whether the yeti exists has been thwarted by the Taliban.

The trip to the remote mountains of northern Pakistan was to have been led by Reinhold Messner, a 70-year-old Italian who was the first person to climb Everest without oxygen and to scale each of the world's tallest 14 peaks.

He hoped to gather evidence in support of a theory put forward by Oxford University scientists that the yeti may be an ancient hybrid of a brown bear and a polar bear.

He and his team wanted to capture a wild bear in the mountains of northern Pakistan and take blood and other samples that they could then compare with the remains of purported yetis collected over the years.

The expedition was supposed to have been conducted in secrecy because of security fears.

But the project was revealed by the Austrian press and has been aborted out of fear that news may have reached Taliban fighters in the wilds of Pakistan. "Right now everything has been cancelled because people who should not have known about the expedition obviously managed to find out about it," Mr Messner said, in what was interpreted as a veiled reference to the Taliban. "But I remain available for this interesting project."

He planned to garner information that might back up a theory posited by Bryan Sykes, a professor of genetics at Oxford University, that the yeti may be an as-yet undiscovered hybrid, the product of breeding between brown bears and polar bears tens of thousands of years ago.


LOOK..up on the it a Yeti? Is it a Bear?

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Scientists challenge 'Abominable Snowman DNA' results

By Steven McKenzie BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

A theory that the mythical yeti is a rare polar bear-brown bear hybrid animal has been challenged.

Last year, Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes revealed the results of DNA tests on hairs said to be from the Abominable Snowman.

The tests matched the samples with the DNA of an ancient polar bear.

But two other scientists have said re-analysis of the same data shows the hairs belong to the Himalayan bear, a sub-species of the brown bear.

The results of the new research by Ceiridwen Edwards and Ross Barnett have been published in the Royal Society journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Among Dr Edwards' previous work was an attempt to carry out DNA analysis of a sample taken from bones of a polar bear washed into caves in north west Scotland 18,000 years ago.

According to legend, the yeti is a large and elusive ape-like beast.

For many years experts have been seeking a scientific explanation for the Abominable Snowman.

Prof Sykes, along with other genetics experts, conducted DNA tests on hairs from two unidentified animals, one from Ladakh - in northern India on the west of the Himalayas - and the other from Bhutan, 800 miles (1,285km) further east.

The results were then compared with the genomes of other animals stored on a database of all published DNA sequences.

The scientists found that he had a 100% match with a sample from an ancient polar bear jawbone found in Svalbard, Norway, that dates back to between 40,000 and 120,000 years ago - a time when the polar bear and closely-related brown bear were separating as different species.

The species are closely related and are known to interbreed where their territories overlap.

The sample from Ladakh came from the mummified remains of a creature shot by a hunter around 40 years ago, while the second sample was in the form of a single hair, found in a bamboo forest by an expedition of filmmakers about 10 years ago.

The samples were subjected to the most advanced tests available.

Prof Sykes said the most likely explanation for the myth was that the animal was a hybrid of polar bears and brown bears.

The research was reported widely by the media last year and, in July this year, published by the Royal Society.

However, following re-analysis of the same data, Dr Edwards and Dr Barnett argue that the hybrid bear does not exist in the Himalayas.

They said the previous research mistakenly matched DNA to an ancient Pleistocene polar bear, instead of a modern polar bear.

In their paper, Dr Edwards and Dr Barnett said their tests identified the hairs as being from a rare type of brown bear.

The scientists said: "The Himalayan bear is a sub-species of the brown bear that lives in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, in remote, mountainous areas of Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

"Its populations are small and isolated, and it is extremely rare in many parts of its range.

"The common name for these bears in the region is Dzu-teh, a Nepalese term meaning 'cattle bear', and they have long been associated with the myth of the yeti."

The yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is said to be a large ape-like beast that roams the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet.

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch (above), is the legendary beast of North America. Explanations to sightings include hoaxers using a gorilla suit.

The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdui is said to haunt the UK's second highest mountain. Scientific explanations for this Scottish creature include a meteorological phenomenon known as the brocken spectre, which causes a person's shadow to be cast on low cloud.

Prof Sykes and the other members of the team behind the earlier yeti hairs analysis have acknowledged that there was an error caused by an incomplete search of the DNA database used.

However, they said in a statement: "Importantly, for the thrust of the paper as a whole, the conclusion that these Himalayan 'yeti' samples were certainly not from a hitherto unknown primate is unaffected."

The response added: "We stressed in the original paper that the true identity of this intriguing animal needs to be refined, preferably by sequence data from fresh tissue samples derived from a living specimen where DNA degradation is no longer a concern."

Other hair samples said to belong to the yeti have been scrutinised by experts before.

In 2008, scientists in the US examined hairs given to the BBC which some had claimed were from a yeti.

The scientists concluded that the hairs - obtained from the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya - actually belonged to a species of Himalayan goat known as a Himalayan goral.

In 2007, Dr Edwards began a process to extract DNA from what are believed to be the only polar bear remains to be found in Britain.

The skull, of which only a part survives, was discovered at the Bone Caves in Inchnadamph, in Assynt, Sutherland, in 1927.

Prehistoric remains of animals - including an almost complete skeleton of a brown bear - and humans have been uncovered in the caves.

Dr Edwards hoped to shed light on what the polar bear was doing in Assynt 18,000 years ago.

However, DNA had not survived in the bone fragment.

Dr Edwards was also involved in a DNA study of ancient brown bear bones that suggested the maternal ancestors of modern polar bears were from Ireland.

Previously, it was believed that today's polar bears were most closely related to brown bears living on islands off the coast of Alaska.


'Little Foot' fossil sheds light on early human forerunners

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Scientists said on Wednesday a sophisticated new dating technique shows that Little Foot, an important fossil of an early human forerunner unearthed in the 1990s in South Africa, is roughly 3.7 million years old.

"The age of Little Foot has been highly debated," said geologist Darryl Granger of Purdue University in Indiana, whose research appears in the journal Nature.

The study found Little Foot, a member of the species Australopithecus prometheus, lived at roughly the same time as Australopithecus afarensis, the species whose most famous fossil, known as Lucy, comes from Ethiopia. Both species blended ape-like and human-like traits but with different features." />

The Little Foot skull


Now there's a second bright light on dwarf planet Ceres

Posted by Cryptoflorida on February 28, 2015 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

    The latest images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal a second mysterious bright spot on the surface of Ceres.

Could dwarf planet Ceres be watching us watching it? As NASA's Dawn spacecraft approaches the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it seems to be lighting up. Not long after images of Ceres revealed a strange reflective spot, another dimmer one came into view in the latest NASA images, giving the appearance of a spooky pair of eyes peering back at Dawn.

So what's going on here? Metallic mineral deposits? The local ice skating rink on an improbably shiny frozen lake in the bottom of a huge crater? A giant Ceresian mirror or solar farm?

The answer is...we have no idea.

'Ceres' bright spot can now be seen to have a companion of lesser brightness, but apparently in the same basin. This may be pointing to a volcano-like origin of the spots, but we will have to wait for better resolution before we can make such geologic interpretations," said UCLA's Chris Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission, in a statement Wednesday.

As Dawn gets closer, the images sent back of Ceres become more clear and, frankly, more weird. The above image with the two bright spots was taken from about 29,000 miles from the surface of the dwarf planet. Dawn will continue its approach until March 6, when it will enter orbit around Ceres to get better views for a period of 16 months.

In the coming months, those strange bright spots should come more into focus, as should the underlying nature of Ceres, which many believe may be hiding more freshwater than we have here on Earth.


Fireball sightings with booms heard in Florida

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JACKSONVILLE, FL (WFLA) - The American Meteor Society received more than 160 reports of bright fireball sightings clustered around Lake City, Florida over the weekend. Some witnesses were as far away as Georgia and South Carolina.

Many reported feeling a sonic boom. AMS says over 15 of the reports described a "window rattling delayed boom."

Scientists believe a meteor caused the phenomenon, ending its flight about 30 miles west from Jacksonville.

Last week, people in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio reported seeing a fireball, which was captured on camera by NASA.

You can report a fireball event here.

View the news video here


Photos of South American Giant Earthworm Surface Online [PICS]

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Pictures of a giant earthworm are making the rounds on the web, but are they real?


Probably. If it’s not, it’s one heck of a Photoshop job.

The pics were uploaded to the nature website ProjectNoah by user hoppy4840. He claims he found in the worm back in 2009, while hiking around the Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador.

He estimates the worm was 5 feet long and weighed approximately 1 pound.

He’s asked the online community to help him identify the species. The general consensus is that it is a Martiodrilus Crassus, latin for “worm which feeds on dogs and children.”

Whatever it is, it looks like a boa constrictor in a worm suit.

If this is how big some of the worms grow in the jungles of Ecuador, imagine how big the fish are



    Believe it or not, the Martiodrilus crassus isn’t the largest earthworm known to man. The Giant Gippsland earthworm, native to Victoria, Australia, can grow up to 9 feet long.

In related news, back here in the US, nightcrawlers are in short supply. Bait stores from Wal-Mart to small mom-and-pop operations are feeling the pinch with the worm shortage. Click here to learn why nightcrawlers are in short supply.

So, what do you think? Is the worm photo real, or some really, really good Photoshop work? Let us know in the comments section below.

Good to be back.......

Posted by Cryptoflorida on July 14, 2014 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

    Well people....all I can say is that it is good to be back. After taking about an 8 month hiatus from here....and FarceBook, I will be posting and trying to keep up with current situations that I deem "important".

    Truthfully, I was getting sick and tired of the same olf rhetoric and bullshit that has over taken the community. The same ole song and dance. The repetitive crap coming from the same people over and over again l,ike a broken record. 99% of which I called out in the beginning and tried to walk away from, but only had it creep back up and put in my face time and time again. For example......Rick Dyer and his rash of bullshit. I still can't believe ANYONE would give this guy a nickel or even the time of day when he comes out with ANYTHING spewing out of his pie hole. Then there is the Ketchum clan, which one week after her info came out, I called it BS. usual.....there are those that will believe the clouds in the sky are made of cotton candy when they are told so, because they have to have SOMETHING" to hold on too when it comes to the existance of Sasquatch. I guess if your peers will not support you....or journals will not publish your work......well just go out and buy one that will.

    My hat does go out to my friend Les Stroud. He approached the Todd Standing claims with a total open mind and pulled off a decent show. Once again....Standing could offer absolutely no definitive proof outside of some twisted trees and far off sounds both which could have been staged.......but ti was entertaining. Many of those You Tube videos that flood the web can be debunked by us that....."know better."

    In fact...I will introduce you to someone that starred in a couple of them made by a certain cab driver from Tampa. That's right.......Not a Skunk Ape, but a person that has vast experience in the outdoors and that was out scouting new hunting areas and viewing areas...........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now before any of you start calling me a hoaxer or a scammer let me explain. I was in the field on more than one occasion and have watched many so called researchers do their thing. I wear this when I scout new hunting areas, or research areas. I have covered close to 99% of the Green Swamp, Hillsborough water sheds, State and federal wildlife areas in central and northern Florida. While I have come across a few things that were "unexplainable", I have found NO definitive proof. I have been appraoched by a few of the many television producers to go on and fill up space on their programs, but have declined to do so only because if you have nothing to in definitive belief is to keep your pie hole shut and not make any outlandish claims as such. Now I do NOT in any way have anything against those that have gone on and made their claims on television what so ever. More power to long as they don't make such claims....even after their story has been debunked or proven to be a lie.....months before their appearance.

    After spending many hours researching and looking into claims of sightings and making conclusions based on facts, only to have others come out and blow things out of perspective and find "evidence" when there is none there. Such as the Myakka State Park fiasco.....I decided to walk away from the cryptozological community for awhile. I had enough of the BS to last a lifetime.

    During my absence, Diane and I have purchsed a HUGE tract of land located a stones throw away from where of the first published and document sightings as well as contact with the creature known as BIGFOOT took place in the United States. Located in the middle of land known for forest production being mans only intervention and very few homesteads. And the homesteads located in the area are vast as well being made up of many hundreds of privately owned acres. More desolated than most parts of the Everglades and other areas such as The Green Swamp. This is wild country that some areas have not been viewed by human eyes ot walked on by humans for decades when the pine forests were culled and or replanted.

    Ok....enough of my ranting for I leave you with a few trail cam pics from our property for you to enjoy.


Yeti, Big Foot debunked

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Paris (AFP) - For those who believe in the yeti, the news can only be described as, well, abominable.


Science has cast its methodical eye on samples of hair reputed to have been left by the Himalayan snowman of legend... and determined they came from a bear or a goat.


Similarly crushing disappointment lies in wait for those who believe in Big Foot, the yeti's North American counterpart; in the almasty, the elusive man of the Central Asian wastes; and in the orang pendek, a bipedal hominid reputed to roam the mountainous forests of Sumatra.


The evidence, reported in the British journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, comes from DNA testing of hair samples attributed to "anomalous primates," a neutral term for these creatures of legend.


The probe added the firepower of biotechnology to a debate that has been raging for decades.


"On the one hand, numerous reports including eye-witness and footprint evidence, point to the existence of large unidentified primates in many regions of the world," its authors said.


"On the other, no bodies or recent fossils of such creatures have ever been authenticated," they said. "Modern science has largely avoided this field."


- Missing humans? -


Theories for "sightings" of yeti and co. have ranged from surviving Neanderthals and other minor branches of the human family tree, to a species of giant ape, Gigantopithecus.


The investigators, led by University of Oxford genetics professor Bryan Sykes, sent out a request in May 2012 to museums and individual collectors -- including renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner -- with samples of hair that reputedly came from "anomalous primates."


They received 30 hair samples in good enough shape to allow gene sequencing.


Three were said to be from yetis.


One of these was found to have come from a Southeast Asian goat called a serow (Capricornis sumatraensis).


The other two -- one from Ladakh in India and the other from Bhutan -- threw up an intriguing link in the DNA bank with... Ursus maritimus, or the polar bear.


The hairs likely came from a distant descendant of the polar bear or a local cross with a brown bear, the scientists suggested.


"If these bears are widely distributed in the Himalayas, they may well contribute to the biological foundation of the yeti legend, especially if, as reported by the hunter who shot the Ladakh specimen, they behave more aggressively towards humans than known indigenous bear species."


Eight samples attributed to the almasty came variously from the brown bear (Ursus arctos), or from cows, horses and racoons.


A single sample thought to have come from an orang pendek was traced to a Malaysian tapir (Tapirus indicus).


The 18 "Big Foot" samples were found to have a wide range of real world sources, ranging from the American black bear, raccoon and cow to a porcupine and either a wolf, coyote or dog.


Perhaps the biggest disappointment was a "Big Foot" tuft in Texas which turned out to have come from a hairy human -- a European, judging by the genetic match.


The authors throw down the gauntlet to the "cryptozoology community" -- those who believe in the existence of fabulous, hidden creatures -- to throw up more convincing evidence to back their assertions.


"The techniques described here put an end to decades of ambiguity about species identification of anomalous primate samples and set a rigorous standard against which to judge any future claims."

The Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

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#10.  The Taos Hum

Some residents and visitors in the small city of Taos, New Mexico, have for years been annoyed and puzzled by a mysterious and faint low-frequency hum in the desert air. Oddly, only about 2 percent of Taos residents report hearing the sound. Some believe it is caused by unusual acoustics; others suspect mass hysteria or some secret, sinister purpose. Whether described as a whir, hum, or buzz and whether psychological, natural, or supernatural no one has yet been able to locate the sound's origin.

# 9.  Bigfoot

For decades, large, hairy, manlike beasts called Bigfoot have occasionally been reported by eyewitnesses across America. Despite the thousands of Bigfoot that must exist for a breeding population, not a single body has been found. Not one has been killed by a hunter, struck dead by a speeding car, or even died of natural causes. In the absence of hard evidence like teeth or bones, support comes down to eyewitness sightings and ambiguous photos and films. Since it is logically impossible to prove a universal negative, science will never be able to prove that creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster do not exist, and it is possible that these mysterious beasts lurk far from prying eyes.

# 8.  Intuition

Whether we call it gut feelings, a 'sixth sense,' or something else, we have all experienced intuition at one time or another. Of course, gut feelings are often wrong (how many times during aircraft turbulence have you been sure your plane was going down?), but they do seem to be right much of the time. Psychologists note that people subconsciously pick up information about the world around us, leading us to seemingly sense or know information without knowing exactly how or why we know it. But cases of intuition are difficult to prove or study, and psychology may only be part of the answer.

#  7.  Mysterious Disappearances

People disappear for various reasons. Most are runaways, some succumb to accident, a few are abducted or killed, but most are eventually found. Not so with the truly mysterious disappearances. From the crew of the Marie Celeste to Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and Natalee Holloway, some people seem to have vanished without a trace. When missing persons are found, it is always through police work, confession, or accident never by 'psychic detectives'). But when the evidence is lacking and leads are lost, even police and forensic science can't always solve the crime.

#6.   Ghosts

From the Shakespeare play "MacBeth" to the NBC show "Medium," spirits of the dead have long made an appearance in our culture and folklore. Many people have reported seeing apparitions of both shadowy strangers and departed loved ones. Though definitive proof for the existence of ghosts remains elusive, sincere eyewitnesses continue to report seeing, photographing, and even communicating with ghosts. Ghost investigators hope to one day prove that the dead can contact the living, providing a final answer to the mystery.


#5.  Deja vu

Deja vu is a French phrase meaning 'already seen,' referring to the distinct, puzzling, and mysterious feeling of having experienced a specific set of circumstances before. A woman might walk into a building, for example, in a foreign country she'd never visited, and sense that the setting is eerily and intimately familiar. Some attribute deja vu to psychic experiences or unbidden glimpses of previous lives. As with intuition (see #3), research into ,human psychology can offer more naturalistic explanations, but ultimately the cause and nature of the phenomenon itself remains a mystery.

#4.   UFO's

There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist — many people see things in the skies that they cannot identify, ranging from aircraft to meteors. Whether or not any of those objects and lights are alien spacecraft is another matter entirely; given the fantastic distances and effort involved in just getting to Earth from across the universe, such a scenario seems unlikely. Still, while careful investigation has revealed known causes for most sighting reports, some UFO incidents will always remain unexplained. Now remember......about 90% of the people think that a UFO is an automatic reference to little green men and flying saucers from another world. This is the furthest from the truth. A UFO is nothing more than an "UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT." It could be a new design of military craft from our own military....or soemone elses. Or it could even be from a private firm. The thing has never been seen before or is UNIDENTIFIABLE.......period!

# 3.  Near-Death Experiences and Life After Death

People who were once near death have sometimes reported various mystical experiences (such as going into a tunnel and emerging in a light, being reunited with loved ones, a sense of peace, etc.) that may suggest an existence beyond the grave. While such experiences are profound, no one has returned with proof or verifiable information from "beyond the grave." Skeptics suggest that the experiences are explainable as natural and predictable hallucinations of a traumatized brain, yet there is no way to know with certainty what causes near-death experiences, or if they truly are visions of "the other side."


#2.  Psychic powers and ESP

Psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) rank among the top ten unexplained phenomena if for no other reason than that belief in them is so widespread. Many people believe that intuition (see #3) is a form of psychic power, a way of accessing arcane or special knowledge about the world or the future. Researchers have tested people who claim to have psychic powers, though the results under controlled scientific conditions have so far been negative or ambiguous. Some have argued that psychic powers cannot be tested, or for some reason diminish in the presence of skeptics or scientists. If this is true, science will never be able to prove or disprove the existence of psychic powers.

#  1.  The Body/Mind Connection

Medical science is only beginning to understand the ways in which the mind influences the body. The placebo effect, for example, demonstrates that people can at times cause a relief in medical symptoms or suffering by believing the cures to be effective — whether they actually are or not. Using processes only poorly understood, the body's ability to heal itself is far more amazing than anything modern medicine could create.

Now before you go nuts asking "Well what about the Dogman, or Devil Dogs, or Wampus Beasts....what ever they are....." Remember that many things can be unexplained. These are just the ones we can start with. When we can solve these....then we can go on to bigger and better things.


Mysterious Pentagram Found on Google Maps

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Author: Sarah Wilson

Google Maps has a knack of capturing interesting topographical features from around the world, and most recently, the public is abuzz with an intriguing discovery of a mysterious pentagram that appears in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, which is located in central Asia. Whenever a pentagram enters into a conversation, thoughts of Satanism and Devil worship dominate the dialogue. Many people are convinced that this piece of symbolism found on Google Maps is linked to something nefarious, but an archeologist would like to add a different point of view.

A five-pointed star surrounded by a circle is clearly seen on Google maps – right on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir. Interestingly, there are almost no other signs to indicate that humans call this place home, and the closest settlement to the symbol today is a city called Lisakovsk, situated around 12 miles to the east. Measuring about 1,200 feet in diameter, the pentagram is no small sign.

One of the biggest mysteries is how such a symbol found its way next to a desolate lake halfway around the world. To make matters worse is that those who have zoomed into the center of the pentagram have seen two locations that have been highlighted by previous users of Google Maps: Adam and Lucifer (one of the many names used to refer to the Devil). The pentagram is a symbol that dates back to ancient times, and has proven quite popular amongst an array of religious and cultural groups that have nothing to do with Satanism, such as the Mesopotamians. Others such as the Freemasons, Wiccans, and of course, Satanists, have also embraced the symbol. This is where the skepticism regarding the symbol originates.

The region that surrounds the city has a past deeply rooted in ancient archeological history and ruins. Across the windswept terrain, there is a wealth of interesting sites that have yet to be explored, including settlements dating back to the Bronze Age, burial grounds, and cemeteries. Because of this, an archeologist would like to shed a bit of light on why the Google Maps pentagram is appearing in this region. Emma Usmanova is an archeologist who has years of experience under her belt working in the Lisakovsk area. As people try to decipher the meaning behind the aerial photograph of the pentagram, Usmanova believes that it is actually the outline of a park made in the shape of a star.

She goes on to explain that the star was a popular symbol of the Soviet era, as the city of Kazakhstan used to belong to the former Soviet Union until a dissolution took place in 1991. The Soviet Union often utilized stars in their culture, as it heavily appeared on their buildings, monuments, and flag decorations. To add to Usmanova's theory, a few online comments have suggested that the pentagram is actually the formation of the pentagram represents an abandoned Soviet-era lakeside campground that may have occupied the space at one time.

Today, the site that coincides with the pentagram on Google Maps is overrun with weeds and now has trees lining the roadways. Usmanova believes that these natural features are contributing to the pentagram-shape appearing more prominent in aerial photos.

What do you think? Did someone intentionally plan this specific formation with a different agenda in mind? It's pretty hard to get past the pentagram shape and not think that it serves another purpose.

Doctors Investigate Indian Baby for Spontaneous Combustion

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A 3-month-old Indian baby is the center of a medical mystery as doctors are trying to determine if the infant suffered from spontaneous human combustion , according to the New York Times.

The infant is being treated at the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital in Chennai, India, after his parents claimed he caught on fire four separate times.

The boy's mother, Rajeshwari Karnan, said nine days after his birth she found the baby on fire in her hut after he was left alone momentarily.

"There was a flame on his belly and his right knee, and my husband rushed with a towel to put it off," Karnan told the New York Times. "I got very scared."

But that wasn't the only time it happened, according to the parents, who said there were three other similar incidents even after they took the baby to a local hospital for treatment.

Eventually the parents traveled to the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital for more extensive treatment.

Doctors there are investigating the possibility that the infant, named Rahul, has suffered from spontaneous human combustion. They have also examined the child for a host of other medical conditions, as well as possible child abuse.

Multiple medical tests have given no indication that the baby could catch fire without an ignition source, according to the Times of India.

"We are in a dilemma and haven't come to any conclusion," Dr. Narayan Babu, head of pediatrics at Kilpauk Medical Hospital, told the New York Times. "The parents have held that the child burned instantaneously without any provocation. We are carrying out numerous tests. We are not saying it is SHC until all investigations are complete."

The local media has put forward other theories about the cause for Rahul's burns. The Indian newspaper, The Hindu, pointed out that the village where the infant's mother is from had mysterious fires that burned down multiple homes in 2004.

Those fires were later found to have been caused by phosphorous cow dung that was used in building materials and had a very low ignition point.

Spontaneous human combustion remains a controversial theory as a plausible cause of death.

Experts have puzzled over the cases in which a person is found reduced to ash in their home, with the rest of the structure relatively unscathed by fire. Everything from static electricity to an errant cigarette have been theorized to cause a person to suddenly burst into flame.

Spontaneous Combustion Suspected in Death of Okla. Man

One theory is that the mysterious deaths attributed to spontaneous human combustion are actually the a result of the "wick effect." The wick-effect theory posits that a person's clothes act as a "wick" and that body fat can act as a long-burning fuel source that would eventually reduce a body to ash.

However, the "wick effect" does not account for an ignition source or accelerant.

Though many scientists remain unconvinced about the plausibility of spontaneous human combustion, the theory has gained traction in recent years. In 2011, spontaneous human combustion was declared the official cause of death for an Irish man in a controversial decision by the local courts.

"This fire was thoroughly investigated and I'm left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation," West Galway coroner Dr. Ciaran McLoughlin told a court in September 2011.

Other scientists are still trying to discover a plausible scientific explanation for suspected cases of spontaneous human combustion.

In a 2012 article published in the New Scientist, Brian J. Ford, a research biologist, theorized that higher levels of acetone in the body could actually account for instances of spontaneous human combustion.

Read More About the Controversial Case of Spontaneous Combustion

Ford experimented with meat soaked in acetone and found that after the material burned, it resulted in a pile of ash similar to those found in cases of suspected spontaneous human combustion.

For baby Rahul, doctors remain at a loss for what is causing his condition. According to the New York Times, he will remain in the hospital for at least the next week.

Mysterious horned sea monster washes ashore in Spain

Posted by Cryptoflorida on August 21, 2013 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Remains of odd, unidentified creature stretches 13 feet, leaves officials baffled; Loch Ness, water dinosaur, sea dragon are among absurd guesses.

A mysterious sea creature featuring what appear to be horns on its head was discovered in the advanced stages of decomposition along the shoreline of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain, on Thursday.

A woman first discovered the head and then found the body farther down the beach, according to The entire carcass with the head stretched 13 feet.

“A lady found one part and we helped her retrieve the rest,” said Maria Sanches of Civil Protection in Cuevas. “We have no idea what it was. It really stank.”


The find caused widespread speculation as to what it could be, some humorously suggesting it was a link to the Loch Ness Monster or was some sort of sea dragon or water dinosaur. Others surmised it was a mutant fish or some sort of shark species. The best guess here is an oarfish.

“It’s hard to know what we’re dealing with,” A PROMAR (Programa en Defensa de la Fauna Marina-Sea Life Defense Program) spokesman Paco Toledano told Ameria, according to Inexplicata. “It’s very decomposed and we cannot identify what it is.

“Perhaps we could learn something more from the bones, but to be precise, it would be necessary to perform a genetic analysis, which is very expensive and who would pay for it?

“Anyway, we have submitted the information to colleagues with more experience and knowledge to see if they can tell us something more specific.”

Toledano did shed some light on the horns of the sea creature, however. He said they are actually bones that have fallen out of place.

“It’s not a longhorn cowfish, that’s for sure,” he joked.

Photos from Ameria Facebook page. 

3 in 1

Another false BIGFOOT alarm

Posted by Cryptoflorida on June 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Bigfoot sightings are a perennial sideshow in the U.S. Vague claims invariably turn out to be regular animal hair, gorilla suits, hoaxes, or nothing at all.

This week, a man in Pennsylvania kicked off the latest Bigfoot mania with a bizarre call to 911. According to a report from a CBS affiliate in central Pennsylvania, John Winesickle of Altoona, Pennsylvania this week called police claiming to have evidence for the elusive creature.

Police humored the man, sending out an officer to investigate what Winesickle claimed were Bigfoot tracks. The officer followed the man into the woods, investigated the prints, and concluded that the tracks were left by a bear.

It appears that Winesickle was not trying to pull one over on police, but was genuinely mistaken about the animal prints. In fact, the man still believes that the tracks he found were left by Bigfoot.

“No, no, no, no, no,” said Winesickle. “See, a bear can’t go down a steep bank on all twos. That’s proven this is a Bigfoot.”

Winesickle also claims that he has heard Bigfoot calls while out in the woods, saying, “The voice is so deep. “I’ve heard bass singers on television – they can’t even come close to the bass sound that it made towards me.”

Loch Ness-like monster reported in Ireland.....NOT

Posted by Cryptoflorida on June 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

CARNDONAGH, Ireland, May 2 (UPI) -- A pair of students filming a college project said they captured footage of a Loch Ness Monster-like creature in Ireland.

Conall Melarkey said he and friend David Lynch were filming their project at Lough Foyle, which separates the Irish province of Ulster and County Londonderry in Northern Ireland, when a large creature broke through the surface of the water, The Scotsman reported Thursday.

"Looks like we have our own Loch Ness Monster -- any experts out there?" Melarkey said in posting the clip to YouTube.

YouTube comments suggest the object could be a whale, sea debris or an intentional hoax, a possibility Melarkey denied.

"Can't believe people are suggesting this is just a viral promotion for our college project which is only two minutes long," he said.

The modern myth of the Loch Ness monster started 80 years ago, with a headline in the Inverness Courier reading, "Strange spectacle on Loch Ness," detailing the accounts of a couple who claimed to have seen a large creature swimming in the loch, The Guardian reported.

Anyone notice that name?  Con All Melarkey

New Happenings Going On At Area 51

Posted by Cryptoflorida on May 6, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Has one of ufology’s favorite top secret bases gotten a mysterious new upgrade to its security?

Area 51, or Groom Lake as it’s been called, has long been a source of mystery, and its rumors of hidden technology, underground bases, and alien bodies have made it a bottomless well of pop culture conjecture. Even today, the United States military doesn’t like to acknowledge the base, staying as secretive as possible and employing a private contractor to aggressively usher curious conspiracy theorists from the perimeter.

But while nosy UFO buffs might be easy to turn away in real life, sit them down at a computer monitor and they’ll be a little.. well, a LOT, harder to hush. Thanks to the eagle-eyed observations of two internet sleuths and their subsequent travels to the base border, we know that Dreamland has been getting some mysterious new features.

A newly updated piece of satellite imagery showing Area 51's new devices

A user with the screen name FosterVS shared an interesting new satellite image with the Above Top Secret message boards yesterday, images that showed evidence of new structures in the forbidden desert land.

“I saw signs of trenching/cabling from the Area 51 guardshack along a trail to one of the Bald Mountain Gates, in the newer Bing Maps imagery,” he wrote.

“The spot is 37°29’30.74″N, 115°40’24.69″W. If you follow this trail back towards the guard shack, you will see a number of similar cement pads.”

His curiosity was piqued so much that he decided to take a trip to the outer limits of Area 51 himself, where his suspicions of new equipment were confirmed. While he was there, he managed to snap the following images of the strange constructions that look almost as if they could be solar panels, if only they were pointed to the sky rather than at the horizon. Interesting to note are what look like attached fire extinguishers.

Strange new structures at Area 51   Strange new structures erected at the border of the Area 51 base

Foster explained that he had intended on taking more than just three images of the new structures, but was promptly chased away by security in camouflaged military fatigues.

I should have taken more/better pictures, but what you can’t see between the first and second pictures was the camo dude truck parked to the left of the new “device”, that started coming after me when I started taking pictures!

I cannot deduce what this thing is. Looks like a cement pad, with two uprights imbedded in it, 2 -3 crossbeams, and also two pipes coming up support a rectangular something. The fire extinguisher has me baffled.

The contraptions are definitely a new addition to the land, as the only other visible structures until now were guard shacks and remote control cameras. So, what could the devices be? What is their use?

Theories have ranged anywhere from a kind of a radar, to a crowd dispersal device, to an emergency exit for one of the base’s rumored underground tunnels, but the most plausible answer seems to be a regular old electrical panel. But don’t worry, fellow mystery mongers, because chances are, it’s powering something very irregular.

Judging from the two pieces of conduit that head into the ground, its a good guess that whatever underground device it’s feeding is really big, big enough to require very thick cable, meaning lots of power. What could use that much power? Well, a huge network of magnetometers, for one, which would explain how the “camo dudes” are always so eerily swift to bear down on intruders.

Qual-Tron Incorporated is a government approved provider of magnetometers, or Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS for short) and explains that the tech provides “instantaneous alarms of detected foot and vehicle activity” with ranges of operation from “hundreds of meters to several miles”. The hitch? If the devices get too far from the base they require a relay, something that might account for Groom Lake’s new erections.

It’s not a stretch to believe that a huge grid of what are essentially “pressure plates” would require some extra juice, so don’t be surprised if your next visit to peep on some alien technology is cut dramatically short… they can probably hear you coming.

What do you make of the mysterious new structures popping up along the border of Area 51? High tech tourist deterrents or a heat ray emitters? Entrances to underground tunnels or just a convenient place for the Men in Black to charge their cell phones? Let us know what you think!

Wanna be Chupacabra Bait????

Posted by Cryptoflorida on May 6, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Looking for a side job with decent pay, odd hours, and a possible brush with the unexplained? Being paranormal bait might just be the job for you, and there’s at least one group hiring.

The 42 member strong ACAM, or Association of Haunt Mariana, in Belo Horizonte, Portugal has been dealing with all manner of terror inflicted by their own version of the Chupacabra: the menacing Caboclo D’Água, a bizarre monster seen as responsible for the mass deaths of livestock, and has even been blamed for the death of at least four humans.

ACAM says the creature resembles the monstrous amalgamation of several animals, with the body of a monkey, legs like a chicken, and head and scales resembling a lizard. It’s believed the creature lives underwater, only coming onto the dry land in order to prey upon helpless victims.

Two years ago, the Caboclo D’Água allegedly killed a young boy, pulling his testicles out as he was swimming in one of the region’s rivers.

Since then, ACAM has been working on a plan to capture the beast once and for all, and settled on a scheme involving a river, a huge metal cage, and a piece of bait. Human bait.

How do you get a person to offer themselves up to a monster? You offer them a thousand bucks a day.

Three brave meat puppets signed up for the initial task, including the editor of a local newspaper, but in the end, the 37 year old Daniel Pinto was hired for the gig, a decision based off his athleticism and generally quick monster hunting abilities.

“He did a resistance test on the spot and was approved,” the team’s Secretary General told Noticias Tested the candidate for two hours and evaluate their attempt to leave the cage. He did very well and was the fastest.”

After signing a waiver exempting ACAM from any wrongdoing should he be maimed, mutilated, or munched on, Pinto is now officially on tap as Chupacabra bait, a task that will result in him eventually being shoved into a cage with a goat and observed from afar for at least 24 hours. If Pinto sees the creature slink out of the waters and approach he and the goat, his job is to wait until the beast is in the cage before escaping through a secret door, trapping the monster and (hopefully) living to tell the tale. For his trouble, he’ll earn a cool grand.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe they lowballed him at a thousand dollars.

The trap is set to be sprung sometime in the near future, possibly as soon as 24 hours. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more.

What do you think of ACAM’s plans to capture the creature stalking Portugal? Would you be human bait for a thousand bucks?

Pluto's Gate Uncovered in Turkey

Posted by Cryptoflorida on April 1, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

A digital illustration shows the ancient Plutonium, celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology.

A “gate to hell” has emerged from ruins in southwestern Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced.

Known as Pluto's Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition.

Historic sources located the site in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, now called Pamukkale, and described the opening as filled with lethal mephitic vapors.

“This space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground. Any animal that passes inside meets instant death,” the Greek geographer Strabo (64/63 BC -- about 24 AD) wrote.

“I threw in sparrows and they immediately breathed their last and fell,” he added.

Announced this month at a conference on Italian archaeology in Istanbul, Turkey, the finding was made by a team led by Francesco D'Andria, professor of classic archaeology at the University of Salento.

D'Andria has conducted extensive archaeological research at the World Heritage Site of Hierapolis. Two years ago he claimed to discover there the tomb of Saint Philip, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ.

Founded around 190 B.C. by Eumenes II, King of Pergamum (197 B.C.-159 B.C.), Hierapolis was given over to Rome in 133 B.C.

The Hellenistic city grew into a flourishing Roman city, with temples, a theater and popular sacred hot springs, believed to have healing properties.

“We found the Plutonium by reconstructing the route of a thermal spring. Indeed, Pamukkale' springs, which produce the famous white travertine terraces originate from this cave,” D'Andria told Discovery News.

Featuring a vast array of abandoned broken ruins, possibly the result of earthquakes, the site revealed more ruins once it was excavated. The archaeologists found Ionic semi columns and, on top of them, an inscription with a dedication to the deities of the underworld -- Pluto and Kore.

D'Andria also found the remains of a temple, a pool and a series of steps placed above the cave -- all matching the descriptions of the site in ancient sources.

“People could watch the sacred rites from these steps, but they could not get to the area near the opening. Only the priests could stand in front of the portal,” D'Andria said.

According to the archaeologist, there was a sort of touristic organization at the site. Small birds were given to pilgrims to test the deadly effects of the cave, while hallucinated priests sacrificed bulls to Pluto.

The ceremony included leading the animals into the cave, and dragging them out dead.

“We could see the cave's lethal properties during the excavation. Several birds died as they tried to get close to the warm opening, instantly killed by the carbon dioxide fumes,” D'Andria said.

Only the eunuchs of Cybele, an ancient fertility goddess, were able to enter the hell gate without any apparent damage.

“They hold their breath as much as they can,” Strabo wrote, adding that their immunity could have been due to their "menomation," “divine providence” or “certain physical powers that are antidotes against the vapor.”

According to D'Andria, the site was a famous destination for rites of incubation. Pilgrims took the waters in the pool near the temple, slept not too far from the cave and received visions and prophecies, in a sort of oracle of Delphi effect. Indeed, the fumes coming from the depths of Hierapoli's phreatic groundwater produced hallucinations.

“This is an exceptional discovery as it confirms and clarifies the information we have from the ancient literary and historic sources,” Alister Filippini, a researcher in Roman history at the Universities of Palermo, Italy, and Cologne, Germany, told Discovery News.

Fully functional until the 4th century AD, and occasionally visited during the following two centuries, the site represented “an important pilgrimage destination for the last pagan intellectuals of the Late Antiquity,” Filippini said.

During the 6th century AD, the Plutonium was obliterated by the Christians. Earthquakes may have then completed the destruction.

D'Andria and his team are now working on the digital reconstruction of the site.


Plane buzzes Bigfoot Like people running over ice

Posted by Cryptoflorida on March 29, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Artist's drawing of the event.

   In May of 2012, a plane took off from Bethel and headed upriver, following the Kuskokwim River. The river was breaking up and the snow had pretty much melted, but many big lakes were still frozen over.For the two people in the plane, the flight seemed to be much like any routine flight. However, just as they passed Tuluksak, the passenger saw something on his side of the plane. He saw two upright but dark creatures running like people on a large, frozen lake.

    “Hey, look at those things over there,” the passenger said to the pilot, pointing toward the lake. According to the passenger, the two upright creatures – one large and one small – were running on top of the pure white ice. They were dark-colored and appeared to be fleeing because of the plane.

   The pilot looked but couldn’t see what the passenger was pointing at. He turned the plane at an angle and but only saw one figure that looked like it was holding something on its chest, like how we carry a box, and running.

   “At that point they were running side-by-side,” the passenger said. The pair appeared to be a parent and an offspring. The creatures may have been running for the shoreline and the safety of the forest.

   “They were running really fast,” the passenger said. The pilot then turned the plane toward the running creatures and just as they buzzed or flew over them, the animals jumped into the ring of melt water around the lake.

   According to the passenger, the large one jumped in first, followed by the smaller one. “They caused a large wake or ring of water to spread out on top of the water,” he said.

    The plane circled back and flew around the lake for a time, waiting for the creatures to emerge but they did not, so the pilot turned the plane upriver and kept on going.

   The witnesses requested anonymity in this story.


Worker leaves village after seeing Bigfoot

Posted by Cryptoflorida on March 29, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This drawing shows a lineworker who approached this creature, mistaking it for a person wearing furs.

   In these two sightings, we couldn’t determine the identities of the persons mentioned in this story, since they were both non-locals and have left or are now gone.In 2011, a utility company installed four wind turbines in Emmonak. In addition to providing service to the village, the utility also built an 11-mile electrical intertie to serve the nearby village of Alakanuk.

   During development of this intertie, one of the workers was walking along on the newly-cut corridor when he spotted someone dressed in furs, or so he thought, kneeling down along the bank of a small slough.

   He then approached the person to say hello, thinking it was another worker or someone from one of the villages. When he got within 10-15 feet and spoke, the “person” suddenly stood up and glanced at him. Instead of being a person, it was a Hairy Man!

   The animal quickly began to leave, crossing the small slough and walking up the other bank toward the brush. Just before he entered the woods, he turned around to look at the worker once more before finally disappearing into the forest.

   The worker then left the area immediately and went back to Emmonak. Once there, he went to the airport and got on a plane and left, never to come back again.

   During work on the same project, a lineman was working up on a pole along the corridor when he saw a moose fleeing from the brush and into a small opening or meadow before disappearing into the brush on the other side.

    Soon after, a white-colored Hairy Man also appeared in the same place where the moose had popped up from, following the trail or chasing after the moose. It too disappeared into the woods where the moose had gone moments earlier.

   It was not known if the Hairy Man caught the moose or not.



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