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Good to be back.......

Posted by Cryptoflorida on July 14, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Well people....all I can say is that it is good to be back. After taking about an 8 month hiatus from here....and FarceBook, I will be posting and trying to keep up with current situations that I deem "important".

    Truthfully, I was getting sick and tired of the same olf rhetoric and bullshit that has over taken the community. The same ole song and dance. The repetitive crap coming from the same people over and over again l,ike a broken record. 99% of which I called out in the beginning and tried to walk away from, but only had it creep back up and put in my face time and time again. For example......Rick Dyer and his rash of bullshit. I still can't believe ANYONE would give this guy a nickel or even the time of day when he comes out with ANYTHING spewing out of his pie hole. Then there is the Ketchum clan, which one week after her info came out, I called it BS. usual.....there are those that will believe the clouds in the sky are made of cotton candy when they are told so, because they have to have SOMETHING" to hold on too when it comes to the existance of Sasquatch. I guess if your peers will not support you....or journals will not publish your work......well just go out and buy one that will.

    My hat does go out to my friend Les Stroud. He approached the Todd Standing claims with a total open mind and pulled off a decent show. Once again....Standing could offer absolutely no definitive proof outside of some twisted trees and far off sounds both which could have been staged.......but ti was entertaining. Many of those You Tube videos that flood the web can be debunked by us that....."know better."

    In fact...I will introduce you to someone that starred in a couple of them made by a certain cab driver from Tampa. That's right.......Not a Skunk Ape, but a person that has vast experience in the outdoors and that was out scouting new hunting areas and viewing areas...........ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now before any of you start calling me a hoaxer or a scammer let me explain. I was in the field on more than one occasion and have watched many so called researchers do their thing. I wear this when I scout new hunting areas, or research areas. I have covered close to 99% of the Green Swamp, Hillsborough water sheds, State and federal wildlife areas in central and northern Florida. While I have come across a few things that were "unexplainable", I have found NO definitive proof. I have been appraoched by a few of the many television producers to go on and fill up space on their programs, but have declined to do so only because if you have nothing to in definitive belief is to keep your pie hole shut and not make any outlandish claims as such. Now I do NOT in any way have anything against those that have gone on and made their claims on television what so ever. More power to long as they don't make such claims....even after their story has been debunked or proven to be a lie.....months before their appearance.

    After spending many hours researching and looking into claims of sightings and making conclusions based on facts, only to have others come out and blow things out of perspective and find "evidence" when there is none there. Such as the Myakka State Park fiasco.....I decided to walk away from the cryptozological community for awhile. I had enough of the BS to last a lifetime.

    During my absence, Diane and I have purchsed a HUGE tract of land located a stones throw away from where of the first published and document sightings as well as contact with the creature known as BIGFOOT took place in the United States. Located in the middle of land known for forest production being mans only intervention and very few homesteads. And the homesteads located in the area are vast as well being made up of many hundreds of privately owned acres. More desolated than most parts of the Everglades and other areas such as The Green Swamp. This is wild country that some areas have not been viewed by human eyes ot walked on by humans for decades when the pine forests were culled and or replanted.

    Ok....enough of my ranting for I leave you with a few trail cam pics from our property for you to enjoy.


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